Post Quantum Privileged Access Management > IQNUS PAM : Hybrid quantum-resistant password-based password management
IQNUS PAM is a scalable, cost-efficient, and highly automated privileged access management (PAM) solution for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, quantum-safe connections and any combination of password vaulting, rotation, and passwordless authentication.
Hybrid quantum-resistant password-based server access, password management (privileged account authority management) product provides server access account password, hybrid cloud SSH management, usage history, monitoring, and backup in an environment where the importance of work sharing.
In terms of password management, it supports schedule setting, automatic change after expiration of work hours, immediate change by administrator, and various password policy settings. Manage key management and SSH.
It supports compliance with laws by storing application for password use, approval, and one-way encryption quantum resistant data when accessing external personnel, account management by user type, target server management, 2-factor authentication and access control, and notification of change events.
Active Session Termination terminates active sessions of removed users for added security.
User Management
User-specific profile pages allow for easy management of access permissions for individual users.
Regulatory Compliance
Permission-Based Access ensures that access to sensitive information is restricted to authorized users.
Permissions Visibility
PAM presents a graphical layout of users and server groups, allowing easy identification of access permissions.
Easy Management
Servers stay in sync with PAM automatically, so there is no need to manually update access permissions.
  • Automatic password management
  • Data encryption and encryption key management
  • Workflow, lifecycle management