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SoftForum Quantum Safe

Secure your data today Quantum computers are maturing quickly.
This paradigm shift in computing technology will bring immense business value for clients. But it also comes with a challenge: mature quantum computers will be able to break the two most widely used security protocols in the world.
For example, until very recently methods of encryption based on prime factorization were considered unbreakable and were used to safeguard everything from email to banking to credit cards. Quantum algorithms can break these systems. Given the accelerated advancements of quantum computing, everything secured with prime factorization could become insecure in a matter of years.
Data considered securely protected today is already lost to a future quantum adversary if stolen or harvested. All data – past, present, and future – that is not protected using quantum-safe security will be at risk. The longer that the migration to quantum safe standards is postponed, the more data remains at risk.
SoftForum Quantum Safe secures your organization for the era of quantum computing. We offer education, strategic guidance, and an program for securing your data. SoftForum Quantum Safe is tailored to your particular organizational needs and risks.
SoftForum Quantum experts work with your team to identify your security priorities. Then we inventory your data and existing cryptography to provide a framework for the transition to quantum-safe cryptography. This enables the fastest possible shift to hybrid and then fully quantum-safe encryption.